• VH1—Tom Ford/Gucci Film “Fashion Kingdom”

    VH1—Tom Ford/Gucci Film “Fashion Kingdom”

    Construction under pressure!! Tom Ford and Gucci turn a dark airport hangar at the Santa Monica airport into a fashion venue for a top model AIDs benefit runway show in just 80 hours. This film, shot in black and white 16mm film for VH1, stylistically chronicles the build as Ford, at the top of his game, transforms the venue with the clock ticking.
  • Lifetime Television Intimate Portrait—JFK Jr.

    Lifetime Television Intimate Portrait—JFK Jr.

    Throughout his career, Scott Firestone has told stories of the rich and powerful, the famous and the infamous. His documentaries include this story of John F. Kennedy Jr. for Lifetime. Other notable docs include a film on street musicians for VH1, and another VH1 film about Tom Ford and Gucci as well as historical docs like the one on California’s railroad barons for A&E.
  • FUSE -TV Original Series “Popped”—Title Sequence

    FUSE -TV Original Series “Popped”—Title Sequence

    This is the title sequence from Popped, a show produced by T-Group and Executive Produced by Scott Firestone. The show, which includes episodes on Lil’ Wayne, Rhianna, Usher, Brittney Spears and Eminem chronicles the very moment or song that made that artist “Pop” and become a household name. Scott was tapped as showrunner because of his extensive music experience, including being one of the original producer/directors on VH1’s Behind the Music.
  • Behind the Music –Billy Joel

    Behind the Music –Billy Joel

    Early in his career Scott Firestone spent two years at VH1 directing documentaries and shows while working to develop original series. One of those shows was the iconic “Behind The Music” series. For this episode on Billy Joel, Scott interviewed the legendary musician in an Italian restaurant near his home in Bar Harbor Long Island, where he spoke openly about his music, his storied career, his failed marriage to Christie Brinkley and being robbed [...] by his manager Frank Weber.
  • Showtime's "Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!"—Ghosts

    Showtime’s “Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!”—Ghosts

    Scott Firestone directed this memorable episode debunking paranormal shows, ghost hunters, mediums, UFO nuts and conspiracy theorists on Showtime’s popular series "Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!". It was a fun assignment for Firestone and a bit of a twist—considering that he had directed the paranormal show Sightings for years, a show that took ghosts, aliens and psychics very seriously.
  • CBS Network Special—"A Home for the Holidays”

    CBS Network Special—”A Home for the Holidays”

    Scott directed stirring stories of successful adoptions for over a decade on CBS’ prime time network special “A Home For The Holidays.” The annual special raises awareness for the importance of foster care adoptions and the thousands of children who are waiting to be adopted.
  • Celebrity PSA Highlight Montage

    Celebrity PSA Highlight Montage

    A montage of some of the celebrity cause marketing spots we've done which include stars Eva Longoria, Mandy Moore, Julianne Moore, Billy Ray Cyrus, Carrie Ann Inaba, Marcia Cross, Edward James Olmos, Meg Ryan, Heidi Klum, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Jean Smart, Mariel Hemingway, Felicity Huffman, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle McLaughlin.
  • Christina Applegate —Breast Cancer Awareness

    Christina Applegate —Breast Cancer Awareness

    A public service announcement we worked on for the Christina Applegate Foundation Right Action for Women in association with the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Having had breast cancer herself, the star founded the organization to educate women what it means to be at an increased risk for breast cancer and to provide resources for screening.
  • “I Believe”—Star Driven Climate Change Ad

    “I Believe”—Star Driven Climate Change Ad

    Live Earth, the ground breaking concert created by Al Gore to bring awareness to climate change, brought together more than 150 musical acts. The event broke records with 55 million video streams in over 130 countries. This dramatic PSA features Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Meg Ryan, Sarah Ferguson, Sheryl Crow and Tipper Gore reading aloud a poem entitled “I Believe,” a tome to reverence for nature written by a slain college student.
  • Mandy Moore—Revlon Run/Walk For Women Promo

    Mandy Moore—Revlon Run/Walk For Women Promo

    We filmed Mandy Moore for this promo for the “Revlon Run/Walk for Women” event. Revlon and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) have proudly distributed more than $70 million raised through the Revlon Run/Walks to women's cancer research and support programs.
  • QVC Commercial—Jamie Lee Curtis “What is Beautiful”

    QVC Commercial—Jamie Lee Curtis “What is Beautiful”

    A tie in with the QVC shopping network, we produced and directed this spot which publicized the shopping channel’s annual “Shoes on Sale” event. We filmed Jamie Lee Curtis on a sound stage at Quixote Studios, with a 25-foot crane, surrounded by shoes. All the proceeds each year benefit breast cancer research and education.
  • Job Corps Rebrand

    Job Corps Rebrand Campaign —“Careers Begin Here”

    Firestone Productions worked with McNeely, Pigott and Fox to rebrand the esteemed Jobs program. Together we designed a creative overhaul for the Department of Labor national program for the first time in over 50 years. We produced national spots like these, as well as a social media campaign reflecting a new look and feel for the program.
  • Samsung Commercial—H-Series Refrigerator

    Samsung Commercial—H-Series Refrigerator

    This commercial spot for Samsung’s H-Series refrigerator was one of five that we shot on a sound stage in London as part of a web series we produced entitled Smart and Simple. These ads served as pre-and post-roll commercials and integrated nicely into the web series by utilizing the show’s host.
  • QVC Promo— “Heidi Klum Jewelry Collection”

    QVC Promo— “Heidi Klum Jewelry Collection”

    The shopping network QVC contracted us to shoot this promo/commercial for “The Heidi Klum Jewelry Collection.” We shot Heidi while she did a photo shoot for her collection, gathering footage of her getting ready and of the photo shoot itself, after which we filmed her tag for the spot.
  • Live Earth Commercial—Al Gore

    Live Earth Commercial—Al Gore

    One of a series of celebrity spots for the Live Earth concert, a ground breaking international climate change awareness concert event seen around the world. The concept of this campaign was extremely simple—shot in black and white we filmed slices of life that featured international notables including Vice President Al Gore (who organized the event) Sherly Crow, Kate Hudson and Meg Ryan.
  • GM Commercial—Pontiac Sonata

    GM Commercial—Pontiac Sonata

    While we’ve shot lots of automotive running footage and other car content, this spot was done “down and dirty,” using stock and found footage as well as fast, flashy cutting and great music. A quick turnaround, this was one of those spots that came together in a day to the delight of the client. The Sonata...
  • “The Smedleys”—Family Docu-Series

    “The Smedleys”—Family Docu-Series

    Firestone Productions is actively looking for and developing original programming in all spaces. Our eclectic programming roster has one thing in common—storytelling. “The Smedleys” is one of our favorite new projects, about a devout Mormon family who live in Bountiful Utah. A mom and dad and five sons—four of whom are openly gay! The show follows their clash of culture with the church and their family and friends...
  • City Lights—Family Business Build Show

    City Lights—Family Business Build Show

    This is the story of the dynastic, dynamic and bombastic New Jersey family who's been building and installing the signs and Broadway marquees in Times Square for generations. This show follows Joe Calvano—also known as “Joe Lights” as he and his family thrive in the most visited half square mile in the world.
  • Sky Captains

    SKY CAPTAINS -Pilots of the Alaskan Bush

    This is tease for the pilot of Sky Captains, a family business docu-series about the Ryan family in Northern Alaska. They are not just pilots. They are the only artery feeding the toughest part of the most brutal state in the union. This show takes a fascinating look at their fight against time and nature...
  • Firestone TV/Film Overview

    A short overview of our production capabilities and experience.

  • IMAX Deep Sea Trailer- 3D

    3D 70mm film trailer featuring some of the most exotic underwater creatures ever captured on film. Voice over by Kate Winslett.

  • Behind the Music-Billy Joel

    Firestone Produced Behind the Music episode on the legendary singer/songwriter done for VH1


    Road Kill, Dinner on the Road

    Two identical twins—one a hunter/outdoorsman and one a gourmet chef, travel the roads of America looking for their next delicious meal, Road Kill dead on the road! It's a nature show, a hunting show, a survivalist show, a food show and a race against time. Gross and delicious at the same time!
  • VH1— Street Musician Doc Film “Takin’ It to the Streets”

    VH1— Street Musician Doc Film “Takin’ It to the Streets”

    Scott directed this film (shot in color 16mm) for VH1 about the often exceptionally talented musicians who play for tips on the streets and in the subways in America’s cities. Featured in the documentary are a family of 8 living out of a suitcase who play in New York’s subways, a virtuoso in Chicago, and his 10 year old granddaughter who escaped Communist China with only his violin,...
  • EPK

    IMAX Space Station EPK

    We interviewed narrator Tom Cruise and shot behind the scenes of him doing voice overs for this 70mm IMAX film. This featurette was written, edited and all interviews shot by Firestone Productions.

  • Popped—Original FUSE TV Music Series

    Popped—Original FUSE TV Music Series

    This show is produced by T-Group with Scott Firestone serving as showrunner for the Fuse network. Using interviews, music, original animation and storytelling, Scott is executive producer on the show which includes episodes on Lil’ Wayne, Rhianna, Usher, Brittney Spears and Eminem. This is a short excerpt from the Rhianna episode.
  • Discovery Network “Destination Style” —Miami “Model Season”

    Discovery Network “Destination Style” —Miami “Model Season”

    Firestone travelled around the U.S. for this Discovery Channel show which gave a behind the scenes look at the world of high fashion. Shot in Miami, this episode featured sultry models, sunshine and the not always too glamourous life of the models and photographers who capture beautiful images that appear on the pages of fashion magazines around the world.
  • IMAX Music Trailer

    Firestone shot the making of/behind the scenes of All Access, a 70mm concert film experience starring Dave Matthews, Al Green, Carlos Santana, Sting, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and B.B. King.  

  • EPK

    All Access

    Behind the Scenes film by Firestone Productions of an IMAX rock film featuring Sting, Santana, Macy Gray and B.B. King.

  • Broken- “Being Rich” Clip

    A clip from Scott Firestones 35mm feature Broken about two couples who’s friendship is torn apart on a reunion camping trip.

  • EPK

    Standing in the Shadows of Motown EPK

    This documentary featurette is a behind the scenes look at the film which documents the unsung Motown studio musicians who played on more hits than the Beatles and Elvis combined.


    Railroad Barons

    Kenny Loggins hosted this popular series "The Real West” for an A&E. This episode, directed and written by Scott Firestone, takes a look at the notorious railroad barons who built the west—and incredible wealth by laying tracks across the great divide.
  • EPK

    China: The Panda Adventure EPK

    A behind the scene look at the feature “China: The Panda Adventure”.

  • Blaire Witch 2 Trailer

    Trailer for the feature Blaire Witch 2

  • Way of the Gun Trailer

    Trailer for the feature Way of the Gun.

  • Music Documentary

    Clip from the music film documentary directed by Scott Firestone about a family of 10 that performs in New York’s subways.