• IMAX EPK—Space Station 3D Tom Cruise

    IMAX EPK—Space Station 3D Tom Cruise

    We interviewed narrator Tom Cruise and shot behind the scenes footage of the star doing the voice-overs for this 70mm IMAX film. In addition to interviewing Cruise, we also interviewed the producers and worked with NASA and Lockheed Martin for this featurette.
  • IMAX Featurette—Santa vs the Snowman 3D

    IMAX Featurette—Santa vs the Snowman 3D

    In addition to interviewing the voice-actors for this 70mm Christmas film, we also interviewed the film’s target audience—kids. We screened the movie for elementary school students at the IMAX screening room in Santa Monica. What resulted was some adorable and very watchable testimonials from our young “reviewers,” and one of our favorite featurettes.
  • China: The Panda Adventure—Behind The Scenes EPK

    China: The Panda Adventure—Behind The Scenes EPK

    We travelled to the far east for the Behind the Scenes of China: The Panda Adventure. We filmed in Shanghai and on the Yangtze river for this period historical film starring Maria Bello. We embedded with the film crew, traveling close to the Tibetan border to film at a Panda Sanctuary, where our entire crew was actually able to play with the Panda Bears!
  • IMAX 3D Deep Sea—Featurette

    IMAX 3D Deep Sea—Featurette

    Exotic sea creatures AND movie stars! IMAX's premiere underwater documentary features exotic sea life in stunning 70mm 3D. For this featurette, we interviewed narrators Kate Winslet in New York and Johnny Depp in the South Pacific on the set of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!
  • Standing in the Shadows of Motown EPK

    Standing in the Shadows of Motown EPK

    They were the Motown sound, yet they shared none of the fame nor money for their legendary studio work. The Funk Brothers produced more hits than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley combined. For this featurette on the documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown, we interview several of the surviving unsung heros of Detroit’s signature sound.
  • eOneTrailer— International Sizzle

    eOneTrailer— International Sizzle

    Firestone productions latest sizzle/trailer reel for eOne is an explosion of content and star power. It features content from all major studios including Paramount, Warner Brothers, Amblin, Lionsgate as well as original TV titles produced by CBS, ABC, AMC, Discovery Channel as well as other OTT and pure play providers like YouTube Red, Hulu, Snapchat, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Showtime.
  • Nickelodeon/Paramount Promo—Sherlock Gnomes

    Nickelodeon/Paramount Promo—Sherlock Gnomes

    We filmed this cross-promotional video on a green screen stage in Hollywood. It’s a venture between Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon for their “Orange Carpet Special Edition” series. For this episode, we featured two Nick stars “travelling” virtually to London to explore the locations featured in the animated film Sherlock Gnomes and intercut that with interviews with the movie’s star James McAvoy.
  • eOne Teaser Reel—Film Marketing Reel

    eOne Teaser Reel—Film Marketing Reel

    This teaser reel produced for a sales/industry event features some of eOne’s best content and biggest stars. Entertainment One’s partnerships with major film studios and TV Networks is only the beginning of their prestigious rise to prominence and we are proud to produce the sizzle reels that showcase their incredible content.
  • IMAX Trailer—Space Station 3D

    IMAX Trailer—Space Station 3D

    The trailer for IMAX Space Station 3D IMAX tells the story and history of the space station and is the first 3D live-action film to be shot in space. We also did the featurette on the film, which had us filming with and interviewing the film’s narrator Tom Cruise.
  • IMAX Trailer—Space Station 3D

    IMAX Trailer—”All Access”

    Firestone shot the making of/behind the scenes of “All Access” a 70mm concert film experience featuring Dave Matthews, Al Green, Moby, Carlos Santana, Sting, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Rob Thomas, Trey Anastasio and Mary J. Blige.