Case Study

MILADY Fashion

Rebranding fashion

Firestone Productions has been involved in shifting Milady’s cosmetology brand from print to the internet.  It was our job to meld an age old business model with a new broadening strategy. Here’s a case study of a unique DVD series we created which combines a documentary feel with a classic training video, “The Edge” touches on inspiration and creativity as much as it does technique.  Click below for further video samples of how we bring high-production to beauty education.

Turning Trends into Money gives stylists tools and tips from fashion expert and TV personality Theodore Leaf to make the most of their business.
Firestone co-created this web-series, Transforming Client Mishaps, with Milady. In a TV friendly format, it shows how to avoid and correct salon pitfalls.
This montage is the payoff to the hybrid film/training video we did for Milady. The theme for the hairstyles was anime, and we projected anime on the models in studio for the final photo shoot.
Part 2 of Milady and Firestone Productions branded experiment on beauty focuses on inspiration.
Milady's Perpectives in Hair Design. Jasmine Gibb's - Braid with Flare
Theodore Leaf's Best Blow Out. Milady's Perspectives in Hair Design series gives students a look into hair techniques real pros are working on.