• “The Smedleys”—Family Docu-Series

    “The Smedleys”—Family Docu-Series

    Firestone Productions is actively looking for and developing original programming in all spaces. Our eclectic programming roster has one thing in common—storytelling. “The Smedleys” is one of our favorite new projects, about a devout Mormon family who live in Bountiful Utah. A mom and dad and five sons—four of whom are openly gay! The show follows their clash of culture with the church and their family and friends...
  • City Lights—Family Business Build Show

    City Lights—Family Business Build Show

    This is the story of the dynastic, dynamic and bombastic New Jersey family who's been building and installing the signs and Broadway marquees in Times Square for generations. This show follows Joe Calvano—also known as “Joe Lights” as he and his family thrive in the most visited half square mile in the world.
  • Sky Captains

    SKY CAPTAINS -Pilots of the Alaskan Bush

    This is tease for the pilot of Sky Captains, a family business docu-series about the Ryan family in Northern Alaska. They are not just pilots. They are the only artery feeding the toughest part of the most brutal state in the union. This show takes a fascinating look at their fight against time and nature...

    Road Kill, Dinner on the Road

    Two identical twins—one a hunter/outdoorsman and one a gourmet chef, travel the roads of America looking for their next delicious meal, Road Kill dead on the road! It's a nature show, a hunting show, a survivalist show, a food show and a race against time. Gross and delicious at the same time!
  • Popped—Original FUSE TV Music Series

    Popped—Original FUSE TV Music Series

    This show is produced by T-Group with Scott Firestone serving as showrunner for the Fuse network. Using interviews, music, original animation and storytelling, Scott is executive producer on the show which includes episodes on Lil’ Wayne, Rhianna, Usher, Brittney Spears and Eminem. This is a short excerpt from the Rhianna episode.