• Job Corps Social Media—“Mentors”

    Job Corps Social Media—“Mentors”

    Students come to Job Corps to finish their education, find a career path and build a better life for themselves. They are looking for guidance and to improve what is often a very difficult life start. These stories are perfectly suited for a social media campaign showing students trying their best—and just the kind of stories we love to tell. This video features students talking about the mentors they’ve met on center who have given them the encouragement they’d been so lacking in their lives.
  • LAUSD Concept Ethics Video—"The Gray Zone”

    LAUSD Concept Ethics Video—”The Gray Zone”

    Firestone Productions conceived and produced this video for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest public school district in the U.S. In order to make a dry topic more interesting, we devised “The Gray Zone.” The video is a “boardroom style reality show’ in which the faculty weighs in on, and a judge ultimately rules on various ethically questionable scenarios to determine whether or not they are truly ethical…or in the “Gray Zone.”
  • The EDGE Fashion Training Series—Case Study

    The EDGE Fashion Training Series—Case Study

    Milady trains students to become  beauty and wellness professionals. This series was an all-new approach to a fashion training series. We set out to show not only the ins and outs of creating hair and make-up looks, but also showing the creative process behind it—and tips to capturing the inspiration that turns a stylist into a true artist.
  • DMG Breakthough Study—LAUSD

    DMG Breakthough Study—LAUSD

    For Los Angeles Unified School District, we documented an approach that has been used to successfully tackle challenges ranging from improving Math and ELA to improving attendance and reducing chronic absenteeism. We spoke to the people behind the initiative that’s been effective in building community and getting results—no small feat in such a giant bureaucracy like LAUSD.
  • Job Corps Social Media—"Meet the Students” Kamren

    Job Corps Social Media—”Meet the Students” Kamren

    We made real students central to the campaign in the Job Corps rebrand. These are short social media videos of the students in the commercials, telling a bit of their backstory. These Facebook, YouTube and Instagram vignettes show prospective students how relatable these young men and women who have enrolled in the program are. Kamren is a pharmacy student who discovered he had an interest in medicine when he was taking care of his sick aunt.