• American Heart Association—“A Matter of Perspective”

    American Heart Association—Survivor

    During a routine pediatric visit, 10-year-old Alec and his family found out that he had a rare congenital heart defect. We called this video “A Matter of Perspective,” zeroing in on how kids see everything differently from adults in this effective fundraising video for the American Heart Association.
  • Syrian Saviors

    Syrian Saviors—Brave Doctors in a War Zone

    We produced this video for the Syrian American Medical Society. Much like Doctors Without Borders, this group of brave doctors risk—and sadly, too frequently, lose—their lives...This video was recently shown at a gala that raised over three million dollars for the organization.
  • Memphis Lift

    Memphis Lift—”Education for All”

    The Memphis Lift is a movement determined to advocate for education...We filmed with the Memphis Lift for three days as they went about their advocacy and community work in some of Memphis’ poorest neighborhoods.
  • LAFC Soccer

    LAFC Soccer: “Evening the Playing Field”

    We produced this video for the Los Angeles Football Club. This organization builds soccer fields, provides scholarships, equipment and coaching to underserved teens. LAFC also connects children to vital education as well as social and health care services.
  • FITE Dermalogica—Women's Hands

    FITE Dermalogica—”Women’s Hands” Concept

    We produced this video for FITE—Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship. It's an initiative started by skin care giant Dermalogica to empower women in third world nations by providing them with small business loans. We designed and filmed the shots of the hands and mixed those shots with graphics and stock footage to create this philanthropic video.