• VH1—Tom Ford/Gucci Film “Fashion Kingdom”

    VH1—Tom Ford/Gucci Film “Fashion Kingdom”

    Construction under pressure!! Tom Ford and Gucci turn a dark airport hangar at the Santa Monica airport into a fashion venue for a top model AIDs benefit runway show in just 80 hours. This film, shot in black and white 16mm film for VH1, stylistically chronicles the build as Ford, at the top of his game, transforms the venue with the clock ticking.
  • Lifetime Television Intimate Portrait—JFK Jr.

    Lifetime Television Intimate Portrait—JFK Jr.

    Throughout his career, Scott Firestone has told stories of the rich and powerful, the famous and the infamous. His documentaries include this story of John F. Kennedy Jr. for Lifetime. Other notable docs include a film on street musicians for VH1, and another VH1 film about Tom Ford and Gucci as well as historical docs like the one on California’s railroad barons for A&E.
  • VH1— Street Musician Doc Film “Takin’ It to the Streets”

    VH1— Street Musician Doc Film “Takin’ It to the Streets”

    Scott directed this film (shot in color 16mm) for VH1 about the often exceptionally talented musicians who play for tips on the streets and in the subways in America’s cities. Featured in the documentary are a family of 8 living out of a suitcase who play in New York’s subways, a virtuoso in Chicago, and his 10 year old granddaughter who escaped Communist China with only his violin,...

    Railroad Barons

    Kenny Loggins hosted this popular series "The Real West” for an A&E. This episode, directed and written by Scott Firestone, takes a look at the notorious railroad barons who built the west—and incredible wealth by laying tracks across the great divide.