• Job Corps Social Media—“Mentors”

    Job Corps Social Media—“Mentors”

    Students come to Job Corps to finish their education, find a career path and build a better life for themselves. They are looking for guidance and to improve what is often a very difficult life start. These stories are perfectly suited for a social media campaign showing students trying their best—and just the kind of stories we love to tell. This video features students talking about the mentors they’ve met on center who have given them the encouragement they’d been so lacking in their lives.
  • LAUSD Concept Ethics Video—"The Gray Zone”

    LAUSD Concept Ethics Video—”The Gray Zone”

    Firestone Productions conceived and produced this video for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest public school district in the U.S. In order to make a dry topic more interesting, we devised “The Gray Zone.” The video is a “boardroom style reality show’ in which the faculty weighs in on, and a judge ultimately rules on various ethically questionable scenarios to determine whether or not they are truly ethical…or in the “Gray Zone.”
  • The EDGE Fashion Training Series—Case Study

    The EDGE Fashion Training Series—Case Study

    Milady trains students to become  beauty and wellness professionals. This series was an all-new approach to a fashion training series. We set out to show not only the ins and outs of creating hair and make-up looks, but also showing the creative process behind it—and tips to capturing the inspiration that turns a stylist into a true artist.
  • DMG Breakthough Study—LAUSD

    DMG Breakthough Study—LAUSD

    For Los Angeles Unified School District, we documented an approach that has been used to successfully tackle challenges ranging from improving Math and ELA to improving attendance and reducing chronic absenteeism. We spoke to the people behind the initiative that’s been effective in building community and getting results—no small feat in such a giant bureaucracy like LAUSD.
  • Job Corps Social Media—"Meet the Students” Kamren

    Job Corps Social Media—”Meet the Students” Kamren

    We made real students central to the campaign in the Job Corps rebrand. These are short social media videos of the students in the commercials, telling a bit of their backstory. These Facebook, YouTube and Instagram vignettes show prospective students how relatable these young men and women who have enrolled in the program are. Kamren is a pharmacy student who discovered he had an interest in medicine when he was taking care of his sick aunt.
  • Job Corps Online National Rebranding—Careers Begin Here

    Job Corps Online National Rebranding—Careers Begin Here

    Firestone Productions worked with Nashville P.R. company MP&F to do a rebranding campaign for the Department of Labor’s Job Corps program. We shot these high-end spots at centers in California. This was the first rebrand in 50 years of the War on Poverty program that has helped millions of at-risk youth finish their high-school studies, learn a trade and work toward building a career and becoming contributing members of society.
  • Job Corps Online Commercial—Hands That Build

    Job Corps Online Commercial—Hands That Build

    A cut-down of a spot we did as part of the rebranding campaign for the Job Corps program. These commercials were part of a national ad buy on television and online to bring awareness to Job Corps.
  • Job Corps “Green” Spot—Fueling Change

    Job Corps “Green” Spot—Fueling Change

    When Job Corps was created in the 1960s it was for men only—and trained those men in mostly blue-collar trades. This commercial was designed to show the evolution of the program that has helped so many at risk students over the years. The Department of Labor now trains young men AND women in wind and solar energy, bio-diesel, computer and hybrid technology.
  • Job Corps Online Commercial—"Going Places”

    Job Corps Online Commercial—”Going Places”

    This quick-cutting online ad was a rework of our “Careers Begin Here” campaign rebrand for the Job Corps program. We combined dozens of shots of students we filmed at centers around the country training in dozens of trades. These students aren’t getting ready for jobs—they’re getting ready for careers.
  • Job Corps Social Media—"Walk and Talk” Video series

    Job Corps Social Media—”Walk and Talk” Video series

    One of the main challenges of doing commercials for Job Corps is finding the right students who can best represent the program. The program dictates we use only real students in their ads. We pride ourselves on casting and nurturing the most outgoing students and directing them to be comfortable and inviting on camera. This “Walk and Talk” campaign features students speaking directly to camera pitching this amazing program that educates, houses and feeds so many deserving young Americans.
  • Education Overview Video

    Education Overview Video

    It doesn’t matter if it's a sales training course for a big corporation, a recruitment video for a large university, raising awareness for a good cause, an ethics video for the second largest school district in the nation or an original web series for a Fortune 500 company, we bring our style and top production value to every project we undertake.
  • University of New Mexico Recruitment Video

    University of New Mexico Recruitment Video

    Nothing can brand an educational institution more effectively than a highly-produced video highlighting the merits of a university or college. UNM, the 130-year-old Albuquerque research university, hired us to tell the story of the school’s impressive doctoral program, the culture, the campus and, of course, their beloved sports teams—all known as The Lobos.
  • FISK University Recruitment Video

    FISK University Recruitment Video

    Firestone Productions was proud to produce this video trumpeting the merit of Fisk University,  an historically black university which is the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville, Tennessee. We filmed in classrooms, in the famed Fisk Memorial Chapel and in and around campus with hand held cameras, a crane and with drones to achieve the polished look of this video highlighting this historic and storied University.
  • Job Corps Overview Recruitment/Orientation Video

    This video serves a dual purpose; a recruitment and orientation video for Job Corps and uses actual students as spokespeople. Shot in Florida, Boston and San Francisco, [...] It’s a look at what students can expect to achieve by joining Job Corps, the largest Free residential education and job training program for young adults ages 16–24.
  • Fisk University 150th Anniversary Tribute Video

    Fisk University 150th Anniversary Tribute Video

    We were proud to interview Congressman John Lewis as well as other dignitaries when Fisk enlisted us to produce this video on their sesquicentennial gala celebration. Built in the Antebellum era in the ashes of the Civil War, the university is associated with such esteemed names as Lewis, dancer and choreographer Judith Jameson and the esteemed sociologist and scholar W.E.B. Du Bois, who was the first African-American to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard.
  • Perpectives in Hair Design – Theodore Leaf’s Best Blow Out

    This Milady series gives students and professional a look into hair techniques. The perspectives include those of celebrity stylists, top salon professionals and veterans behind the chair.

  • Edge Tease

    A case study of a unique DVD series we created for a major beauty company. Combining a documentary feel with a classic training video, “The Edge” touches on inspiration and creativity as much as it does technique.

  • Job Corps Overview Recruitment Video

    We used actual students as spokespeople for this national recruitment video.  Shot in Florida, Boston and San Francisco.

  • Job Corps Commercial- Julia

    Testimonial recruitment ad for the Job Corps program featuring Julia in Albuquerque.

  • Turning Trends Into Money- Teaser

    This original internet series was created for the Milady Educational Network. It’s a primer for stylists featuring Theodore Leaf, featured on NBC’s Fashion Star.

  • Job Corps Commercial- JR

    Testimonial recruitment ad for the Job Corps program featuring a hearing impaired student.

  • Turning Trends into Money – Color Tease

    Turning Trends into Money gives stylists tools and tips to make the most of their business. This is a tease for his high-fashion primer of selling color to your clients.

  • Job Corps Ad-Fueling Change

    :30 spot we did for the Department of Labor highlighting Job Corps’ green training programs.

  • Jasmine Gibb’s – Braid with Flare

    Milady’s Perspectives in Hair Design series gives students and professional a look into innovative hair techniques. NAHA winner Jasmine Gibb’s, demonstrates her award winning rope braid.  

  • Job Corps Career Standard Training Animation Video

    Using After Effects and a combination of stock and drawn art we created this colorful and playful animated corporate best practices video.

  • Grey Zone Opening

    Firestone Productions did this video for the Los Angeles Unified School District. A playful take on an uninteresting topic: ethics in the workplace.