Prop 8 Victory!

Firestone Productions was on the front line in this exciting battle in the fight for American civil rights. With crews on the steps of the Supreme Court and LA and SF's city hall, we covered the entire breaking news story for AFER, the American Federation for Equal Rights.

AT&T Webseries

Teaser for the AT&T branded entertainment webseries 'The Pact.' These comedy webisodes were produced by Firestone Productions and feature hidden camera gags done by comedians filming on the HTC One smartphone.

IMAX Music Trailer

Firestone shot the making of/behind the scenes of 'All Access,' a 70mm concert film experience starring Dave Matthews, Al Green, Carlos Santana, Macy Gray, Sting, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and B.B. King.


Firestone Productions is usually tasked with telling uplifting, survivor stories that were made possible by the hard work of The American Heart Association. But sometimes it’s important to tell sad stories too—especially if it will encourage people to donate money to find new cures to help heart disease and stroke victims. This story is about Kaimen, who might have been celebrated this year at the heart ball at which this video was played. But instead of a celebration video, his video turned out to be a commemorative video as the vibrant second grader, who had been through multiple open-heart surgeries, succumbed last late year to heart disease.