Road Kill, Dinner on the Road


Two identical twins—one a hunter/outdoorsman and one a gourmet chef, travel the roads of America looking for their next delicious meal, Road Kill dead on the road! Marc is this rugged former big game hunter who feels really strongly that this is incredible organic range fed meat that shouldn’t go to waste. His brother is a gourmet chef who can do remarkable culinary things with wild game. And they regularly use this food to feed both society mucky mucks and the poor with this found roadside bounty.

This show’s got everything. It’s a nature show, a hunting show, a survivalist show, a food show and a race against time. Gross and delicious at the same time! It’s also a green show. Millions of perfectly edible animals get thrown away every year and the show will work to minimize road kill. It’s also a science show as we can show in CSI fashion what happens as time and decay destroy a recently hit animal.